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Meene! mitaka

–Discover 👍in Mitaka City

“Mine! Mitaka” is with various shops in Mitaka
Connecting local people and tourists,
It is a regional information application.
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Meene! mitaka


Let’s go to the shopping district!

A unique shopping association in Mitaka City.
I’m just going to go out on a limb here.
“Why don’t you go out to find “Mee-ne! Why don’t you go out to find

\Area map

Block 1
The eastern entrance to 三鷹市,
Popular area with good living environment

A green and convenient shopping street at the entrance to Inokashira Park

A shopping street full of humanity that prides itself on its attentive, “just-in-time” service.

A fusion of nostalgia and newness. An airy shopping street surrounded by greenery and water.

A little fun shopping street of small shops in a quiet town

Block 1 is a quiet residential area that stretches along the Keio Inokashira Line between Inokashira Koen Station and Mitakadai Station, and is adjacent to Musashino City and Suginami Ward. Surrounded by the lush greenery of Inokashira Park and the refreshing streams of Tamagawa josui and Kanda River, this is a popular area to live. If you take a walk, you will find small specialty shops that look like hiding places.

Free rental of umbrellas in the 三鷹市 area of 三鷹市

well umbrella

Block 2
An area with many homey and charming shops and good access to the
Keio Line

Shops are scattered around Shinkawa-dori, in front of Kyorin University Hospital, Kichijoji-dori and Shinkawa-juku Fureai-dori.

Across the street is a large apartment complex with approximately 1,000 households! A good old shopping street that watches over the changing life of the community.

“A small shopping district that supports the lives of local residents while building “face-to-face relationships

A slightly nostalgic and friendly shopping street that is close to the lives of local residents

A shopping street full of local love located in the center of Mitaka City

Block 2 is located in the area adjacent to Chofu City, which is southeast of the center of 三鷹市 and accessible to Senkawa Station and Tsutsujigaoka Station on the Keio Line, and is home to Kyorin University Hospital, the largest medical institution in the city. The area is dotted with urban farmers, and there are many events at JA Tokyo Musashi Mitaka Greenery Center and Agricultural Park. There are many family-style teishokuya and izakaya restaurants.

Block 3
The gateway to 三鷹市,
by the Centennial Forest City Planning Concept
An area of interest for redevelopment

The gateway to Mitaka! A shopping street in front of the station reflecting both in trend and timelessness.

Thank you for coming to visit us. Thank you for coming to see us. Creating a place to connect people and shops in the community.

We’re proud of our friendly atmosphere, where everyone you meet can easily strike up a conversation! A shopping association that loves the local community and is loved by the local community.

A historic shopping street that blends in with the urban landscape and values human interaction

Many hideout stores where local residents and after-work business people gather.

The southern end 500m part of Mitaka Station Chuo Street. There are shops full of individuality, shops full of technology, and educational facilities.

コラル where you can find some good things. Directly connected to Mitaka Station by a deck extending from the south exit! Convenient 30 seconds from the station.

With the wish to shine sparklingly and attractively, “Kirakira Dori Shotenkai”

A shopping street with unique stores on Bus Street that you may want to take a peek at.

The third block is around JR Mitaka Station, a lively area lined with shops of all kinds, day and night. Seasonal events and holiday marches attract many people from inside and outside the city, and in winter the illumination of the street trees is spectacular! In recent years, development in front of the station has been underway, and it is expected to further revitalize the area and improve the convenience of living.

Block 4
Adjacent to Ghibli and Inokashira Park,
Area with good access to Kichijoji

There’s a pleasant new breeze blowing through the old-fashioned shopping district!

A shopping street situated in a place of daily life.

In front of us is Inokashira Park and Ghibli Museum! It is only a short bus ride from Mitaka Station and Kichijoji Station

Inokashira Park Avenue to Kichijoji Avenue (Mitaka-no-mori Avenue) Flower and Greenery Shopping Association

The fourth block, a short walk from JR Mitaka Station, is lined with shops that have long been a part of the lives of the people who live here. There are some famous shops with long queues, and shops that transmit new culture have also come into existence. The Mitaka-no-mori Ghibli Museum and Inokashira Park are located at the east end of the area, and Kyorin University is located to the south.

Block 5
Attractive area with rich nature and many tourist facilities

An old-fashioned little nearby hospitality shopping street

A traditional shopping association established in 1953. From long-established specialty stores to large, convenient shops, the member stores work together to contribute to the community!

Located on the west side of Mitaka City, the shopping association is spread out in a quiet and calm residential area.

Block 5 is the area west of Mitaka Street and many users of JR Musashi Sakai Station. Along the main street, there are mass merchandisers and restaurants with large parking lots, and when you enter the alley, you will find long-established specialty stores reminiscent of the Showa era. The town developed as the home of Nakajima Airplane which supported the era. The town is still rich in nature and is surrounded by old houses, water mill houses, and tourist facilities such as the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the House of Stars, Forests and Picture Books, where students of International Christian University (ICU) can also be seen.

Meene! mitaka

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ミィね!mitaka ロゴ & みののんキャラクターデザイン | Taichi Kosaka
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