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News from the Shopping Association

Mitaka Coral is issuing stamp cards!
For every 500 yen (tax included) spent on shopping, eating, and drinking one stamp will be stamped. When 100 stamps are collected, you can use them for shopping, eating, and drinking at Mitaka Coral. 100 stamps are worth 500 yen(including tax).

◯ “Double Stamp Days” are pension payment months. The dates are “pension payment day” and “last day of the month”.
◯ Other “Double Stamp Days” include “Before and after 15th of each month” and “Last day of the month”.


Coral—The place to find good things. Directly connected from
Mitaka Station South Exit!

Mitaka Coral is conveniently situated in front of the station, where you can find fashion items, sundries, cosmetics, books, foods, cafes, restaurants, and other shops. The basement grocery floor features fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, take-out foods, and more. The “Friday Special Value Market” held every week is renowned for its value items and events. The fifth floor is the Mitaka City Gallery of Art for a variety of exhibitions.

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Parking Information

Name of Parking LotParking SpaceAffiliated Parking Lot etc.,Address
Neo City Mitaka Parking Lot ( Mitaka Coral B2F )51Free for 30 minutes for shopping over 2,000 yen. Free for 60 minutes over 4,000 yen.3-35-1, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City
Sakura Dori Parking Lot69Free for 30 minutes for shopping over 2,000 yen. Free for 60 minutes over 4,000 yen.3-21, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City