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Blending in with the urban landscape,
we are a shopping street with history.
We value communication with visitors.

Leading from Mitaka station to Hachiman Shrine, Fujimi shopping street is located in a modern landscape with Mitaka Street lined with buildings, presenting an urban scenery. The shopping association was established in 1949 and has a long history. Some old stores have been in business since the start.

The shops vary from coffee shops, familiar diners, Chinese restaurants to grocery shops such as fruit and vegetable shops, butchers, rice shops, liquor stores, etc. The specialty shops are truly diverse. Bakery, construction company, plumbing, tatami mat shop, pest control, real estate, funeral company, table tennis club, hairdressing, acupuncture, nursing care facilities, aroma goods, jewelry, and even an old-fashioned public bath. These specialty shops are here to support the everyday life of residents.

As a shopping association, we hold seasonal festivals and events such as haunted house and Halloween. We also offer delivery business. These initiatives are created with the aim to keep the connection with local residents.

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