Shooting a PR video for Mii Ne!

Meene! mitaka

We welcomed FC Tokyo’s mascot character, Tokyo Dronpa, and club communicator Naohiro Ishikawa to shoot a PR video for Meene! mitaka.

This day is the day of FC Tokyo Mitaka. This video shooting was realized as a part of the FC Tokyo collaboration in the ” Mitaka City Year-end Sale Stamp Rally” scheduled for about one month from December 21, 2021.

Appearing with Dronpa-kun is Minonon, the official character of the Mitaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the navigator of Meene! mitaka.

While Dorompa is sharp and has a wide variety of actions, Minonon has a big body and is not good at big actions (laughs).

With the help of Dorompa-kun and his ad-libs, we were able to shoot some very fun material.

The video is currently being edited! As soon as it’s finished we’ll show it off here, so stay tuned!

Mr. Ishikawa tweeted about it!

Meene! mitaka

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