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Surrounded by greenery and water,
we are a shopping street with

modernness and nostalgia.

Straight from Kichijoji Street into Inokashira Park Street and walk under the green roof that covers the sky. You will find our shopping street beyond that.

It is situated between Tamagawa Josui aqueduct and Inokashira pond (Kanda River). Nearby stands a torii gate “Kuromon” with its sacred presence.

Many shops are indispensable to the local community and their daily life. There are a number of well-established specialty shops, and popular lunchbox shops, and small restaurants where people wait in long queues. An increasing number of rental spaces and other facilities for creative work is becoming available for young people.

We are a shopping street where a nostalgic atmosphere and new culture harmoniously coexist.
Take a walk and enjoy a refreshing moment!

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