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News from the Shopping Association

End of June –
Beginning of July
Annual Nakamoto Fukubiki–
Lucky Draw Sale
End of
Beginning of December
End of Year Fukubiki–
Lucky Draw Sale
May and
Fureai Street Morning markets in Shinkawashuku
◎During the Reiwa second and third year, it has been canceled to prevent the spread of COVID.


Centered on Shinkawa Dori Avenue.
Shops are found near Kyorin Daigaku Byoin-mae (Kyorin University Hospital), Kichijoji Street, and Shinkawashuku Fureai Street.

It is an old shopping association but the stores are now sprawled. Around Kyorin Daigaku Byoin mae (Kyorin University Hospital), there are several restaurants. On Kichijoji Street and Shinkawashuku Fureai Street, there are butcher, fishmonger, barber, and takoyaki shops, haberdasheries, and other stores.

Many are old stores from the Showa era that have been loved by generations of customers. There are events to deepen local ties, such as the “Fureai Street Morning Market” and the “Fukubiki Lucky Draw Sale” both held twice a year.

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Parking Information

Name of Parking LotParking SpaceAffiliated Parking Lot etc.,Address
ECOLO Park Mitaka Shinkawa No.17None28-17, Shinkawa 6-chome, Mitaka-city, Tokyo