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News from the Shopping Association

December 6–9 December Year-End Sale
Mid-March100 Yen & One-Coin Shopping Street


Small shops in a quiet town.
A fun shopping street to visit

We are a shopping street near Mitakadai Station and consists of about 60 small shops. At the “100 Yen & One-Coin Shopping Street” event held three times a year, participating stores offer products for one coin, and this event is well received by our customers.

In summer, the annual “Thanksgiving Mitakadai Noryou Bon Dance Festival” is held. This is a major event in the community and is enjoyed by everyone.

We ensure the safety and security of the community by 27 security cameras installed in the shopping street, Inokashira 1-chome and 2-chome. We also hold annual disaster prevention events in cooperation with town councils.

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