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(Nisshin Corporation

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(1) Funeral services in general [We will respond reliably to both preliminary consultations and emergency responses]. We will talk about the preparation for the life of the deceased, which is of great interest in society. Our staff will take care of everything from welcoming the deceased, transporting the deceased, placing the deceased in a coffin, meeting with the deceased, and discussing the memorial service after the funeral. 2) We accept orders for congratulatory flowers, sympathy flowers, and flowers promptly. 三鷹市 Shimin Funeral Service Agency. Our 40 years of trust and achievements are proof that we have been handling each person's funeral with care and sincerity. Thanks to our customers, we have many repeat customers. The area is mainly Mitaka, Koganei, Musashino, Chofu, Fuchu, etc., and we can deal with Tokyo. We are confident in our trustworthy relationships with temples, churches and shrines, as well as our religious knowledge and experience.

Shop Information

name of a store(Nisshin Corporation
titleComprehensive Funeral サービス
home pagehttps://www.nitten-sougi.jp/index.html
Address2-5-5 Nozaki 三鷹市 Tokyo
telephone number0120-245-210
Fax number0422-26-1593
email addressinfo☆nitten-sougi.jp
credit card
electronic money
code payment
business hours24 hours a day, 365 days a year
regular closing dayNone
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